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You need to be on acid to understand the opening.it was bad!!by Jony7/27/2012 10:21:21 PM 6:21 AM


  Wish they had the lights on earlier, so we could see what was going onby Daniel Hargreaves7/27/2012 10:20:04 PM 6:20 AM

  pls go to you tube and watch the Beijing ceremonies! The Brits will be ashamed of what they have given to the world today!by patriia7/27/2012 10:18:33 PM 6:18 AM

  noooo my tv turned off!!by isaac7/27/2012 10:05:40 PM 6:05 AM

  To put a floundering system in the middle of such a wonderful event? I suppose America should put Obamacare at the center the next time the US is privileged to host the Games. What a joke!by NHS - Really?7/27/2012 10:05:39 PM 6:05 AM

  Beijing and Vancouver impressive……I was hoping to watch and get entertained by the British but I got Mr Bean! Awful. Danny Boyle what a waste of money!by fire danny7/27/2012 9:58:45 PM 5:58 AM

  What was that all about, a huge lost oppertunity , I am British and was ashamed at this opening,they had an almost once in a lifetime to make this big, and it was a joke, Barcelona, Canada winter olimpics best for meby Richard7/27/2012 9:57:46 PM 5:57 AM
As a Londoner, I’m so disappointed. Most of it has just been one chaotic party without any harmony… and nothing stunning visually. Where’s the entertainment for the non British world that is watching this? Organizers should have warned everybody to study the history and culture of Britain, and be fluent in the English language, prior to the event.by barmiparmi7/27/2012 9:57:19 PM 5:57 AM


  London opening ceremony team did not do their homework! It’s a complete failure. I did not understand the opening ceremony! Nor did I get any sense of what it really means to be British!by olympic hopeful7/27/2012 9:56:50 PM 5:56 AM
Danny Boyle! what’s with all those rap music, bed time monsters, back to the 80′s…..you could have done better!by upset7/27/2012 9:56:12 PM 5:56 AM

“The Chinese get a surprisingly big round of applause.”

  It was a delayed “thank you” for their opening ceremony not being lame.by Piliage7/27/2012 9:55:21 PM 5:55 AM

bloody failure!by back in london7/27/2012 9:54:03 PM 5:54 AM

  The absolute worst ceremony.. No culture whatsoever… Its been confirmed

  This is utterly woeful. Where are the fireworks, drums, atmosphere?! It is truely bad. Seriously, all this hype and a BILLION people watching, Boyle has decided the best use of time to represent the UK on a global stage is Dizzy Rascal rapping in a house and two unknown people texting and going to a fake house party. I can only apologise to the rest of the world; i’m just as confused as you are as to what I just saw. Where are the different historical periods with kings, queens and castles? Where was the world wars that brought the whole world together where we all shared suffering? Where is the sporting element and parts that the rest of the whole world can understand?! Danny Boyle, you should be ashamed im surprised it never had an advert for Coka Cola half way through…
  太糟糕了,烟火鼓声气氛在哪里?真的很差,说真的,宣布吹的天花乱坠,亿万观众在看,丹尼鲍依决定最好能代表英国的居然是令人头昏的RAP和两个路人在发短信然后去了一个山寨HOME PARTY!我能做的只有给全世界道歉,我也跟你一样困惑我看到的开幕式,看不到不同历史时期的国王女王城堡,看不到世界大战把全世界团结在一起分享我们的痛楚,看不到关于运动的阐述,剩下的英国外的世界完全看不懂。丹尼,你该羞愧

so bored i’m now drinking my son in law’s gin with diet coke ! no tonic in the house !by mike kiddle7/27/2012 9:51:48 PM 5:51 AM

  太无聊了。我现在在喝我女婿的GIN酒+健怡可乐。 家里没有补品啊

  i have to wait another 4 years to see hopefully a better opening ceremony! but Britain, you topped it…it’s not bad, its horrible! am sorry but am just being honest!by name it7/27/2012 9:39:42 PM 5:39 AM


I am from Asia and I was impressed with Vancouver and Beijing. London is messed up. what right does Danny Boyle have to have messed up what could possibly be one of the most anticipated show in the world. It could Britiain’s chance to brag!by Anonymous7/27/2012 9:32:01 PM 5:32 AM


  I was hoping to get a glimpse of UK’s culture, history and to get inspired by the ceremony. But I got nonsense. by Pat7/27/2012 9:31:25 PM 5:31 AM
This is even worse than I could ever have imagined. What would be wrong with just welcoming the athletes and then going to bed like lm doing now. Thanks for making britain a laughing stock again!by Anonymous7/27/2012 9:31:12 PM 5:31 AM

  This country should be ashamed of this dross put out to the world, it looks as if all the village am dram societies have been called in at the last minute to try and entertain a crowd. What an absolute waste of time and money.by Disgusted in England7/27/2012 9:30:09 PM
  5:30 AM

The athletes are here… so that’s it for the ceremony… damn i should have chose golf over this boring bs…by Ocean's X7/27/2012 9:30:02 PM 5:30 AM

  I agree 110% Andrew M. Worst ceremonies I have seen! Bad!by Kristine7/27/2012 9:29:56 PM 5:29 AM

  Look, if none of you are going to come out and say it then I will.
  This is shamefully pathetic. Unquestionably the worst Opening Ceremonies for a wide variety of reasons in ‘decades’.
I”ve been flipping back from several channels to the opening ceremony and it’s not getting any better. Can I say Boring!!! Is it just me?by MB7/27/2012 9:28:55 PM 5:28 AM

  cut out the Stars! we need inspiration performance. Olympics is not about Hollywood. its about the regular man and we need more inspirational performance than this.by bored7/27/2012 9:28:21 PM 5:28 AM

I’m finding it hard to follow what’s going on.by Ram Singh7/27/2012 9:26:58 PM 5:26 AM

  sorry but comparing this with Beijing and the Winter Olympics in Canada, they were better than what I am seeing. Danny Boyle messed this up! Big TIME!!!!!!!!!!by Anonymous7/27/2012 9:26:42 PM 5:26 AM
This all seems a bit commercial to me.by Scotty K7/27/2012 9:26:04 PM 5:26 AM


  Well this tops Vancouver for corny amateurish tedium.by Laurel7/27/2012 9:25:50 PM 5:25 AM

  Watching it live via streaming. The show is boring…

  Give me some real performance by some real stars.by JG7/27/2012 9:24:44 PM 5:24 AM

I guess some knowledge of UK history might help a bit… i’m honestly a bit lost so far…by Ocean's X7/27/2012 9:23:54 PM 5:23 AM

  I might be too early to judge but the ceremony I am seeing with all the pop culture music is pretty sad considering this is the OLYMPICS! I am not impressed…yet…sorryby KR7/27/2012 9:22:18 PM 5:22 AM

This opening ceremony is unbelievably bad. I can’t believe Danny Boyle actually is the mastermind behind this royal mess. totally boring. the only good (kinda) bits are the Queen/Bond and Mr. Bean. The opening is like a travelogue and then we get non-stop music videos. Olympics opening cermont is supposed to be spectacular and grand for the international audience. This has to be worst ever Olympics opening I’ve ever watched. What a huge yawn fest!!

I am watching a rock concert or what?by Andy7/27/2012 11:04:49 PM 7:04 AM


  Time to go to bed and maybe when I wake up it was just one big nightmare dream…by Anonymous7/27/2012 11:12:48 PM 7:12 AM

comment by supersubag (U7126766)
  posted 14 Hours Ago

  We'll make this look like a children's party in 4 years time - we're GREAT Britain - you don't hear anyone calling it "Great China" - although they do have that Great Wall...

  4年后的我们或搞成一场小p孩儿狂欢 —— 我们是“大”不列颠,—— 没人把中国叫成“大”中国,即使他们有伟大的长城。


接下来,,,音乐会? 什么破玩意儿

中国人用击鼓开场,然后他们延续着展现了他们的文化,他们的艺术。 而不是丢一群年轻人。

The ONLY problem with the London opening was that fucking concert ending with the kiss and "ARTY IN MY HOUSE!!!!". What.The.Fuck.Was that?
The beginning, the meadow, BEAUTIFUL.
The industrial revolution, the construction of the rings, AWESOME.
The 007 and Mr. Bean, FUNNY (because they're well known British guys in popular culture).
Then...the concert...what the fuck?
The Chinese started with a bang (literally), and they continue to expand to their arts, their culture. Not bunch of teens.

Every minute it passed watching the London opening ceremony, I was thinking about chinese and greek ones.
linegenrou 26 秒前
Major hotness way better than London
wassha09 46 秒前
Beijing 2008 was 10 times better then London 2012...
UK, you must shame!
aznboynl 53 秒前
They could have at least thrown in a double-decker bus or that lady's voice in the train station saying, "mind the gap!"
email16v 1 分钟前
I watched London's ceremony for 5 minutes, deemed it self-centered trash and came to watch this exhibit of discipline, unity and open arms. China nailed it.
DucknTrollinc 1 分钟前
Yea London's opening ceremonies was very forgettable can't wait for rio de janeiro
wassha09 2 分钟前
I`ve already bought oil for the big black butts...
SuperJuliusC 对 wassha09 的回复 (显示评论) 52 秒前
Can I just say that I thought the London opening ceremony was great. We chose to show off our media because it's probably the biggest part of our country. You showed off your culture so why can't we? The last time we hosted the olympics, we had no money. This was our chance to really show off and I think we did it pretty well. It was just different because Bejjing was so hard to beat we had to go at it a completely different way. So less of the hate.
jessica ilett 2 分钟前
Darkhisagi 3 分钟前
londons ceremony was a ok in small parts but mostly an embarrassment compared to the chinese, they made London looked like a bunch of amateurs. London opening ceremony was almost entirely a bunch of crap!
slouttop 3 分钟前
London opening ceremony sure fuck it up with Pop culture.
TheAgentJC 3 分钟前
I think the highlight for London 2012 was watching the unpaid actors haul off the stage....which was on the broadcast for 10 full minutes. This is part of the show? I bet the advertisers would have wanted that time back! Coke? McDonalds? hello?
email16v 4 分钟前
This is better opening than london 2012
rubysheryl 5 分钟前
To all of you criticising londons one, you just didn't get it, Beijing was incredible but londons showed ingenuity and imagination, and ours has humour too! both Beijing and London were amazing in different ways
n17spurs 5 分钟前
british history=colonisation.
AndroidGZS 对 mrsmarshmallow 的回复 (显示评论) 4 分钟前
Are you kidding? The only history part dealt with was the industrial revolution. Since when social networks and smsing is british history?
linegenrou 对 mrsmarshmallow 的回复 (显示评论) 4 分钟前
TOKYO 2020! Japan will ERASE the memory of London from all memory!
ZephonTLucifer 7 分钟前
BUT not good enough to erase Beijings awespiring performance in 2008!
Darkhisagi 对 ZephonTLucifer 的回复 (显示评论) 5 分钟前
Im watching this instead...I don't get London's Opening ceremony
DearDiary55 8 分钟前
The Chinese government begged the world 4 years ago to stop protesting against their invasion of Tibet. They promised everybody they will start talks about Tibet's situation after the Beijing Olympic Games... well China, London 2012 is here and we are still waiting!!!!
ElTioCaiman 8 分钟前
What a pathetic opening ceremony from london. geez
peeps5611 8 分钟前
well britain thats what you get for hiring a filmmaker....
curiosity55 9 分钟前
Wow, such a lack of faith from so many of you, nobody here seems to know what the Olympics is about and it's really saddening...
Olympic spirit you retards!
CommanderFensom 9 分钟前
This was way better!
maya3491 9 分钟前
this reminds me of south park
AirCarty87 9 分钟前
Like if you turned off the television, and you tubed this instead!
frankg4242 10 分钟前
The 2008 opening ceremony was a million times better than the London. I mean what the hell was that teenage love story about? Your suppose to display your culture and heritage.
McChavez11 10 分钟前
I guess we got spoiled by the 2008 Open Ceremonies. Oh well.
hojh32 10 分钟前
Actually~I like London ceremony a lot~because different culture and different opening ceremony , that's all~
EXOlynnarticle 12 分钟前
"They told these drummers to smile more, and that's taken some of the edge off of it."
No it hasn't....
acjones810 12 分钟前
This might be the one of best Olympic act made
Queen of England just owned everyone by parachuting out of the heli.
SantoPelaez 13 分钟前
London zzzzzzzzzzzz
sectiona 14 分钟前
I think that the London opening ceremony is pretty good.
zeldafan1297 14 分钟前
What with all the Harry Potter hate?
IntoTheBarrier 14 分钟前
I think the London opening ceremony is pretty cool
zeldafan1297 15 分钟前
Yeah IF it was a comedy act with 007, Mr Bean and Harry Potter! Defo stupid espeically witht he Wueens diving for the OLYMPICS lol
Darkhisagi 对 zeldafan1297 的回复 (显示评论) 12 分钟前
someone or tv channel post a complete video of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, please! Because this opening ceremony in London did not like!
TheWillbadboy 15 分钟前
London's had more charm and humor and had actual meaning. This ceremony was like watching some fucking robots tap drums for three hours.
Tommyfungun 16 分钟前
Watching London ceremony I saw...007, Lord Voldemort, and Mr.Bean. Only things of importance
cerebrum3000 对 Tommyfungun 的回复 (显示评论) 14 分钟前
Wrong, it was a celebrity driven ceremony with no soul let alone class. 007, Mr Bean and Harry Potter... that's Britian? What a travesty. This is the Olympics not Hollywood.
ZephonTLucifer 对 Tommyfungun 的回复 (显示评论) 13 分钟前 11
What's the real meaning when teenagers text?
karl88k 对 Tommyfungun 的回复 (显示评论) 13 分钟前
London's cermony was like sitting with Jeremy Kyle watching something that was embarrassing! Beijings cermoney ACTUALLY has tension, suspense and thats whats fun and exciting
Darkhisagi 对 Tommyfungun 的回复 (显示评论) 10 分钟前
London Olympic opening ceremony is NOT shit, it's just that Chinese one was TOO great and will be permanent THE GREATEST ceremony in olympic history, you can't compare World champion with normal but good player, and say the latter is shit, people will realize how great the british one was in 2016 because it will show the average and normal opening ceremony,
not the great chiense one,
espanolelaaaaaa 16 分钟前 5
The greatest opening ceremonies where 1936 Berlin and 2000 Sydney...
SuperJuliusC 对 espanolelaaaaaa 的回复 (显示评论) 2 分钟前
pabloz15 16 分钟前
I don't think it's Bad, just overshadowed and scattered.
Brielleing 16 分钟前
i was quite disappointed with London's opening... This goes with the future hosts of the Olympics, If you want to set the bar of the best, beat China's opening ceremonies as well as the ending =D Even though you give any country a trillion dollars to spend on, it wouldn't be perfect as how China or Korea. THE KEY IS DISCIPLINE
thesexgodess101 17 分钟前
and communism. 
vandriver101 对 thesexgodess101 的回复 (显示评论) 9 分钟前
And threats from authority.
CommanderFensom 对 vandriver101 的回复 (显示评论) 8 分钟前
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Darkhisagi 对 CommanderFensom 的回复 (显示评论) 4 分钟前

Almost 99% of people here are just going : BEJING WAS BETTER, LONDON SUCKS.
They all lack Olympic spirit and seem to be missing the entire point of the Olympics, it's really pathetic...
CommanderFensom 对 jessica ilett 的回复 (显示评论) 28 秒前


I was very disappointed with the London ceremony so I'm on youtube watching Beijing's, i don't think a make out session in front of billions is very classy, and Voldemort seriously? Thats just sad, and i don't think a rapper was the best choice. Sorry London, it was boring, very VERY cheesy, and it didn't keep my attention. if it wasn't for the talk show people explaining what was going on i would have been lost. it wasn't visual enough. Good luck trying to get the olympics there for a 4th time.
WhenKatieGetsBored 1 分钟前
我对伦敦的开幕式很失望所以我跑来看北京的,花了数十亿做出来的东西太糟糕了,还有伏地魔,认真的吗? 这真差劲,我不认为一场演唱会是个好主意。 对不起,伦敦,这太无聊了。非常非常差劲,完全不能吸引我的兴趣。如果不是那些脱口秀嘉宾,我连发生了什么都不知道。完全没有感官。好运吧,争取第四次奥运会。

face it. Chinese culture is more interesting anyway. Voldermot, marry poppins, etc is just silly to classify as "culture"
K103FMAN 对 jessica ilett 的回复 (显示评论) 1 分钟前
承认吧。中华文化更加有趣。 伏地魔,小仙女之类的,这些东西不足以被称为‘文化’

TropiBrazil 1 分钟前

yeah but not even comparing it to Beijing it still is bad..
flightofthetallguy 对 jessica ilett 的回复 (显示评论) 3 分钟前 2

CommanderFensom 4 分钟前

they got compensation. they can't just ask for a million dollar for moving plus a larger apartment somewhere else. it does not worth that much.
dilegentelectron 对 0CrazyIvan0 的回复 (显示评论) 4 分钟前

London was okay but the Beijing is just more visually stunning and well coordinated. Actually the London one was a bit cheesy.
Melanie Triston 4 分钟前 2